The Sloan family of Breckenridge, TX is seeking a buyer for the Mary Katherine and Sam Sloan collection of taxidermy mounts. This collection is made up of over 60 taxidermy pieces, and many of them achieved Boone and Crockett

scores. During the 1940's-1970's, the Sloans adventured on private hunting treks with famous guides such as the founder of the Grand Slam Club, Bob Householder. The trophies were all professionally mounted by world renowned taxidermist Kelton S. Tilley, of Fort Worth, Texas.

The collection includes over 60 Taxidermy pieces, ranging from a Kodiak bear to a jaguar from Honduras. In addition, each hunt was well documented via photography, 16mm film and slides. Sam and M.K. were most proud of their "Double Grand Slam", the taking of four species of wild sheep from the North American Continent. M.K. was the first woman to achieve the coveted Grand Slam, and was also a published writer. She detailed these hunting treks with Sam for magazines such as "Outdoor Life" and “Field and Stream”, among others.

The Sloan family are now offering up this private collection of trophies and historic memorabilia. For more information, we provide the following link and attached inventory of trophies.

Sloan Family Trophy Collection Spreadsheet

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